by magpie tommy

Three In One by magpie tommy

Natasha Kalashnikova visited my home town of Norwich, Norfolk recently. 
 To make things easier she borrowed my guest room, and we shot some really cool stuff on the last afternoon. 
 Having just set up my home studio I was keen to try it out. But she really liked my location work. 
With a bit of planning we managed to cram a lot into an afternoon. 
Dark Virtue Designs kindly supplied us the latex bikini set at short notice. 
 We finished up jumping in the car and heading out to shoot in a derelict building hidden in some Norfolk woodland known as "The Witch's House"

Dark Future by magpie tommy

This was the last stop on our euro tour, and we were looking forward a lie-in before catching the ferry.  Having got up early and shot two or three locations a day and clocked up some serious miles.  This and Chateau Noisy had both been on  my bucket list for a while, and I  was really happy to find the "Rino" almost straight away.
 Roswell's outfit is a one off from German designer Cybersque. I had been a fan of her work for a while and I picked this location especially to go with her designs.

This set was published in Avant Fashion Magazine.