Derelict Cooling Tower I.M

 I took these in Sep 2013 on my first Euro photography road trip.
The Belgians seem to  prefer a single  huge cooling tower at each plant. Unlike the UK, where we several smaller towers, Inside there seemed to be good photos to be had no matter where I pointed my camera. I wanted to take some better photos of the underside as well but the water lever at the base of the tower was rising, I was lucky to get out with a dry camera and wet trousers.
 IM’s hyperboloid cooling tower sits on a river bank, with the power station  on the opposite side. I wanted to visit the power plant, but there were workmen who would have spotted us. The water troughs were still there, where the hot water would have flowed after being pumped out of the large hole in the center. It would have then flowed through the small gaps and fallen into the lake below. The water cools while falling, the heat creating a natural updraught through the tower, further aiding cooling and carrying the dispersed heat out of the top.
I intend to return to use this location for a fashion editorial one day.